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“… For many years I suffered quite severely from pains in my joints, and fibromyalgia, and I had become addicted to painkillers which over time caused damage to the function of my liver. Karen, a colleague at work, advised me to try “Gatoflex” for a while.
Indeed, after using the infusion for 4 months I started to feel considerably better and slowly I was able to stop taking the colorful cocktail of painkillers that I had been…”

S. – a University lecturer age 76

“… After undergoing a series of complicated surgeries in hospital and a prolonged period of rehabilitation, I returned home addicted to aggressive painkillers.
After being treated with “ Gatoflex ” and carefully following the instructions, as well as a course of physical therapy, I was able to slowly start reducing the dosage of painkillers and about two years later I was able to stop using painkillers entirely. Recently, to the disappointment my parents, I have started riding again on a new motorcycle …  “

A. – a 26-year-old - motorcycle accident

“… I suffered for many long years from severe back pain that were caused by two herniated discs and could not find any relief from the pain despite undergoing a wide variety of treatments and trying a range of different medications, some of which caused unpleasant side effects.
In 2016 I contacted Nachman and asked him if “ Gatoflex ”  might help lessen my pain and he told me that he didn’t think the infusion would be of any help in the case of a herniated disc.
I was insistent and I started using the infusion. After 4 months’ of treatment with “ Gatoflex ” – while at the same time undergoing physical therapy, strictly following the instructions and controlled weight loss – my condition slowly started to improve, my back pain reduced significantly and I was able to function fully, as I had previously …  “

L. – the owner of a thriving metal factory at the age of 35

“… I suffered from severe arthritis in the palms of my hands and my fingers which prevented me from playing the piano and which caused me a lot of pain.
After using “ Gatoflex ” for about 6 months, with the help of physiotherapy and strictly adhering to the instructions that came with the product, my condition significantly improved, the pain has diminished noticeably  and I am once again able to play.
Now, to my delight and the delight of my husband, the familiar sounds of Mozart and Mahler are once again heard in my home … “

P. – a 70-year-old piano teacher

“… I suffered from back pain, widespread pain in the extremities, my shoulders were stiff, overall weakness, and for years I also suffered from psoriasis. In 2016 I started using “ Gatoflex ” and I was meticulous about adhering to the instructions that came with it.  After about 4 months there was a slow improvement in my overall condition.
Now, after 3 years’ of treatment, the pains and the areas of psoriasis on my body have lessened substantially, my body feels stronger and now I can again do everything that I could before … “

55-year-old CPA

“… I started treatment with “ Gatoflex ” in 2017 after having suffered for several years from degenerative arthritis and general weakness, which in the end necessitated me using a wheelchair.
After four months’ of treatment with “ Gatoflex ” and adhering strictly to the instructions that accompanied it, my body grew stronger, my pain slowly lessened and I was able to abandon the wheelchair in favor of a cane – today, at the age of 91 and after two years of daily treatment, I walk just like anyone else … “

Dr. S.

It is important to emphasize that the use of “ Gatoflex ” must be accompanied by complementary measures such as: exercise, proper posture through the use of orthotics, suitable nutrition, physiotherapy, and consultation with a broadminded physician.

Experimentation and perseverance are likely to result in optimal results for the user.

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The kit contains two bottles, each with a quantity of 17 oz (500 cc) – in all, 34 oz (1000 cc).